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Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60
Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60

Intaglio Chi Rho 1 of 60

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Circumference Diameter USA UK French & German Italian
46.81 mm 14.90 mm 3.75 H 47.00 7.00
47.44 mm 15.10 mm 4.00 H ½ 47.50 7.50
48.07 mm 15.30 mm 4.25 I 48.00 8.00
48.69 mm 15.50 mm 4.50 I ½ 48.50 8.50
49.32 mm 15.70 mm 4.75 J 49.50 9.50
49.95 mm 15.90 mm 5.00 J ½ 50.00 10.00
50.58 mm 16.10 mm 5.25 K 50.50 10.50
51.21 mm 16.30 mm 5.50 K ½ 51.00 11.00
51.84 mm 16.50 mm 5.75 L 52.00 12.00
52.46 mm 16.70 mm 6.00 L ½ 52.50 12.50
53.09 mm 16.90 mm 6.25 M 53.00 13.00
54.72 mm 17.10 mm 6.50 M ½ 54.00 14.00
54.35 mm 17.30 mm 6.75 N 54.50 14.50
54.98 mm 17.50 mm 7.00 N ½ 55.00 15.00
55.61 mm 17.70 mm 7.25 O 55.75 15.75
56.23 mm 17.90 mm 7.50 O ½ 56.25 16.25
56.86 mm 18.10 mm 7.75 P 57.00 17.00
57.49 mm 18.30 mm 8.00 P ½ 57.25 17.25
58.12 mm 18.50 mm 8.25 Q 58.00 18.00
58.75 mm 18.70 mm 8.50 Q ½ 58.50 18.50
59.38 mm 18.90 mm 8.75 R 59.50 19.50
60.00 mm 19.10 mm 9.00 R ½ 60.00 20.00
60.63 mm 19.30 mm 9.25 S 60.50 20.50
61.26 mm 19.50 mm 9.50 S ½ 61.25 21.25
61.89 mm 19.70 mm 9.75 T 62.00 22.00
62.52 mm 19.90 mm 10.00 T ½ 62.50 22.50
63.15 mm 20.10 mm 10.25 U 63.00 23.00
63.77 mm 20.30 mm 10.50 U ½ 64.00 24.00
64.40 mm 20.50 mm 10.75 V 64.25 24.25
65.03 mm 20.70 mm 11.00 V ½ 65.00 25.00
65.66 mm 20.90 mm 11.25 W 65.50 25.50
66.29 mm 21.10 mm 11.50 W ½ 66.50 26.50
66.92 mm 21.30 mm 11.75 X 67.00 27.00
67.54 mm 21.50 mm 12.00 X ½ 67.50 27.50
68.17 mm 21.70 mm 12.25 Y 68.00 28.00
68.80 mm 21.90 mm 12.50 Y ½ 69.00 29.00
69.43 mm 22.10 mm 12.75 Z 69.50 29.50
70.06 mm 22.30 mm 13.00 Z ½ 70.00 30.00


This original intaglio design is crafted entirely by hand by our master artisan. The stone is meticulously engraved by hand. This one-of-a-kind ring is made to pay homage to the original jewelry originally envisioned by the Romans around 300 AD.

We're offering just 60 of these exclusive intaglio rings due to the specialised craftsmanship involved and the limited supply of high-quality Carnelian stones. 


Stone size: 16mm. / 0.6299’’
Weight: 8gr. / 0.29oz.
Stone: Carnelian
Material: Sterling Silver 925

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Intaglio is an intricate and centuries-old printmaking technique that involves creating images or designs by incising them into a surface, typically a fine stone, with great precision and detail. The term "intaglio" originates from the Italian word for "carving" or "incising," and it perfectly describes the process involved.

The Engraving

Chi Rho - Chi (χ) and rho (ρ) are the two letters in ancient Greek that begin the name Χριστός (Christos) . The chi-rho (☧) was used on the standards of Constantine when he defeated Maxentius and brought Christianity into the Roman Empire in the early fourth century.


In the early 4th century, the Roman Empire was divided, with Emperor Constantine the Great ruling the western half. Constantine had a transformative experience before a pivotal battle. Legend has it that he saw a vision in the sky, a bright, radiant symbol composed of the Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P), intertwined.

The symbol was accompanied by the words "Εν Τούτῳ Νίκα" (In this sign, conquer). Taking this divine sign as an omen, Constantine had his soldiers mark their shields with the Chi Rho and won the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. This victory solidified his rule and marked a significant turning point for Christianity. Constantine converted to Christianity and went on to issue the Edict of Milan, granting religious tolerance to Christians in the Roman Empire.

The Chi Rho, a symbol that represents Christ, became a powerful emblem of faith and victory, a testament to the transformative nature of belief. Its legacy endures in Christian art, architecture, and worship, reminding believers of the profound impact of Constantine's vision and the enduring strength of their faith.

The Stone

Each stone is intricately carved so that it recesses into the surface. When ink or wax is applied to these carved grooves and pressed onto paper, they create a distinct, raised impression.

What does the inscription on the side mean?

The inscription on the outer edge of the ring, "Domine Iesu Christe, Fili Dei, miserere Mei peccatoris" translates to "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner".

This plea is deeply rooted in Christian tradition, reflecting a call for divine mercy. It echoes the humility and devotion found within the heart of the believer, serving as a constant reminder of their faith and the redemptive power of Christ's love.


Owning a "Chi Rho Intaglio" is like wearing a slice of history. It’s not just a ring; it’s a connection to the bravery of early Christians and a beautiful legacy to be passed down through generations, echoing the power of faith and providence.

Important Note from the SPQR SHOP Team

Our intaglio rings always sell out fast because of their unique design and historical value. We do not re-introduce old series; we’ve never had and never will. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.