The strength of the Roman empire

A legion was the largest military unit of the Roman empire. Led by key generals like Julius Caesar and Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, they fueled the empire’s conquest and spread throughout Europe and Northern Africa.

From The Battle of Watling Street (61 CE) to The Siege of Masada (73-74 CE)… The legions took new territories and maintained the empire’s rule.

They did this by employing multiple strategies that still inspire military institutions to this day. Interestingly enough, soldiers in the legions weren’t born as hardened warriors ready for battle.

Instead, they were like you and me.

They were only forged into valiant soldiers by the army’s selection and training process. Prospective recruits faced challenges and training that addressed multiple facets of their lives.

These included:

  • Physical ability
  • Mental agility
  • And an understanding of the legal system.


As a result, they were:

  • Complete
  • Ever-ready
  • Prepared to excel in every sphere.


Our bronze legion rings allow you to display your knowledge of the greatest empire ever and personalize some of their greatest strengths and values.

The strength of the Roman empire

The Roman army’s reputation failed to deter enemies from resisting conquest. The legions consistently won battles, however, through sheer force of will and adaptivity.

You see…

Legionnaires weren’t just exemplary warriors; their commanders also demonstrated remarkable wit in battle. Fewer instances illustrate this than the army’s encounter with Hannibal, the Carthaginian general.

Hannibal had remarkable cunning, sure.

But he also had the intelligence to use elephants in many of the same ways we do today — as tanks to smash through enemy lines. The Roman army lost many battles when faced with this strategy.

Well, this was until 297 BC at the Battle of Asculum, where they employed oxen-pulled wagons as cover. The soldiers hid behind the wagons and shot well-placed arrows at the enemy elephants.

Building on this strategy in subsequent battles…

They also used spears to scare the beasts and formed loose formations to avoid the elephants’ stampede altogether. The legions were mighty because they were not afraid to learn from their mistakes and use their enemy’s strength against them. Combining this with their other qualities allowed them to fuel the empire’s expansion.

What Is Your Legion?

It is rumored that several hundred legions were created throughout the history of the Roman empire.

And even though they were all part of one mighty empire…

They were led by different generals and they had distinct emblems.

Here are some of the most popular legions and what they represented:

Which of these do you identify with?

Legio X Equestris – Strength and trust

The Tenth Mounted was Julius Caesar’s most trustworthy and favorite legion, with the bull as its emblem.

Legio V Macedonica – Endurance and determination

Formed by Octavian, the fifth Macedonian legion had an eagle emblem and remained one of the most enduring legions in the empire.

Legio XII Fulminata – Might and speed

The lightning Twelfth was also established by Caesar and brandished a thunderbolt emblem.

The legion served in some of his most famous battles in Gaul, including the legendary siege of Alesia.

Legio V Alaudae – Flexibility and cunning

The Legio V Alaudae was awarded the elephant emblem by Caesar himself after their clever victory against Hannibal’s elephants at the Battle of Thapsus.

Other notable legions include:

  • Legio XXI Rapax – Goat emblem
  • Legio XIII Gemina – Lion emblem
  • Legio X Fretensis – Boar emblem
  • Legio III Augusta – Pegasus emblem

Legionnaire Rings

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